Audio Materials

Sendings Found/Pulp

“Temporary Tapes presents the 100 edition split cassette TT09 Infinitikiss-Pulp & Listening Center-Sendings Found. 

Infinitikiss is the brainchild of the Albuquerque, New Mexico-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nic Jenkins, self described as “an ever evolving musical and visual recording project…featuring a revolving ensemble of curious and experimental artists.” His output is prolific, to say the least, if you were to browse the Infinitikiss catalogue on Bandcamp or that of his musical alter ego, Mr. Jenkins. 

Pulp is a pure adventure in solo experimental pop instrumentalism, teeming with layered melodica, wobbly, crunchy, synths and guitars, and underpinned throughout by Jenkins’ excellent drumming and percussive touches. The whole album has the effect of instilling a sense of melancholic longing, while at the same being being joyfully propulsive. 

Listening Center kicks off the flipside of the cassette with Sendings Found, a selection of unreleased recordings from the past five years, bringing a group of pieces together which explore tape-degradology, polysynth minimalism, and atmospheric touches of lost soundtracks…”

While both albums are on this cassette, the digital tracks for each (and also the same cassette) are hosted separately on the Infinitikiss and Listening Center Bandcamp pages:

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